SUPERS! Revised EDition


Building on rules created by Simon Washbourne, SUPERS Revised Edition takes the action and adventure of your favorite Super Heroic comics and slams it back down to your gaming table. Crafted by system experts Aldo Regalado and Rus Boyd, SUPERS Revised Edition take the rules you love and make them the rules you can't game without! 

Don't stand idly by as comic book heroes steal the spotlight. With SUPERS Revised Edition: Build your Supers! Build your world! Be Heroic!

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           SCENE STEALERS! 

Do your heroes have a good idea what's coming next during their big adventure? Do you need something to throw them off balance? We have the series for you!

Sometimes your heroes are not looking for Comic Book Style Mega-Events and want stories that are "one and done."  Scene Stealers are single serving adventures for,SUPERS! Revised Edition, that can take place over the course of a single gaming session.  While they are very easy to use as a single serving of Superhero Action, Scene Stealers are also an excellent way to break up an ongoing adventure.



Sometimes you need a character for that player at the table.  Sometimes player is play-ERS! The Bastion Saints are a "B" list Superhero team that is perfect for the pickup or convention game. Hand out one if you need it, or be brave and invite six adventurous souls to partake in the fun. Let THE JUSTICE commence!

Free to a good home, or to some dangerous ones!

           SUPERS! Quick Start Rules!

Grab your cowl and boldly display your colors as you fight for justice!  

Built for the SUPERS! Comic Book Role Playing Game, SUPERS! Quick Start contains all you need for you and your friends to test drive the SUPERS! RPG.  Answer the call when a friendly gathering turns to mayhem.  The people need heroes, Are you ready?



The Supers! Revised Edition Forum is an excellent place to plumb the depths of the system while engaging in friendly community based discussion.