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Hunter's Moon is a series of science fiction and game titles set against a backdrop of brutality and blasters.

Beyond the boundary of the Core Worlds lies the Frontier. Colonies hire what protection they can to drive back the lawless vermin that prey on them.

In the absence of law, there are the Marshals. Masters of negotiation, combat, and the mystic fire of the Crucible, they use their abilities to bring order to a chaotic world.

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Blending space opera and military science fiction, Hunter's Moon is a multi-media project that weaves stories of gritty heroism, redemption, and revenge. 

Massive mercenary companies secure the Core Worlds in lieu of state run military forces. The revered, Hagen Accords, keeping them on their best behavior as well as codifying how they interact with galaxy.

Beyond the Outer Boundary, the Frontier is a place of opportunity and anonymity. Only the truly ambitious or truly lost dare go.

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Coming Soon

Want to see if this is the right blaster for you? Check out our short story, The Lioness! It's free to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter, the Hypernet News! 

Tying into the best selling, Shadows on Starlight game supplement for the White Star RPG, Unforgiven follows a special forces team in deep space protecting a researcher chasing a valuable theory.

When the Lancers of Elysium get a call to hunt one of their own, it's not just business... It's personal!

Join the hunt as the forces of Elysium close in on the Mongrel to determine if he is still worth saving.

Hunt the Galaxy... Play the game!

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