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Find your fun with the dangerous designs of our areas of interest. Roll some dice, read a story, commission some art or just roll on by to say hi! 

           SUPERS! Revised EDition


Building on rules created by Simon Washbourne, SUPERS Revised Edition takes the action and adventure of your favorite Super Heroic comics and slams it back down to your gaming table. Crafted by system experts Aldo Regalado and Rus Boyd, SUPERS Revised Edition take the rules you love and make them the rules you can't game without! 

Don't stand idly by as comic book heroes steal the spotlight. With SUPERS Revised Edition: Build your Supers! Build your world! Be Heroic!

Hunters Moon Preview.jpg
           Hunter's Moon

In a galaxy of brutality and blasters... Settle the score by the Hunter's Moon.

Set in a galaxy of conflict and intrigue, The Core Worlds Alliance has adopted colossal private military companies as the method of choice for security and conflict. Beyond the Outer Boundary, the Frontier beckons to those who have given up on the Alliance, trading security for freedom.

Hunter's Moon is a multi-media project that spans role playing game products and fiction. Grab some armor, strap on a blaster, and get on board the nearest merc-magnet headed off world. There's money to be made and fortunes to find out there in the Black.

Horus Thumb Tack.jpg
           Unearthed Additions: The Eye of Horus

Organizations, Settings, and Upgrades for your OSR game.

Written for OSRIC and adaptable to a variety of old school fantasy games, Unearthed Aditions provides new content with which to  take your campaign to the next level. 

           The Bamf Podcast

Come and listen to Mike, Ade, and Walt get down and dirty with all the nerd you need. We talk Table Top Role Playing Games, Comics, movies, and whatever else we can find ourselves into (or out of). 

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